A projector simply projects images onto a wall or projection screen. Projectors are typically used to increase the image size for viewing by audiences. Projectors come in a variety of sizes, normally measured in Lumens which is the brightness of the light. This brightness will determine the size the image can project and the distance the projector can be from the screen. Slide projectors use light to project images from 35mm slides. Digital Projectors use light to project images from computers and DVD players.

LCD Projectors

LCD (short for "liquid crystal display") projectors use the same techniques LCD televisions do to project their image. The projector reflects the video signal off of thousands of tiny mirrors inside the projector itself, allowing for improved clarity and resolution when the image is projected onto a screen. LCD projectors are the easiest kind to make, which in turn makes them the most affordable kind to buy.


DLP Projectors

DLP (short for "Digital Light Projection") projectors are coveted for their amazing image quality. They are much more expensive to produce than LCD projectors, which makes them much more expensive to buy. They employ tiny devices called "micro mirrors" to display their image which leads to a perfect digitally projected image when projected onto a screen. Unlike LCD projectors, a DLP projector can display each primary Colors simultaneously, which leads to incredibly faithful Colors levels when projecting an image. Many movie theatres have started to use DLP projectors in their projection booths.



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