Tab Tension Motorized Screen

Tab Tension Motorized Screen

Tab Tension Screen Motorized Projector Screen

Projector Screen available in Ratio - 4:3 And 16:9

Tab-tensioning system designed to keep the screen flatter than a regular motorized screen, both initially and over time. While the material of all motorized screens tends to start sagging over time, tab-tensioning system helps keep the screen flat, allowing the user trouble-free enjoyment for many years. The reason that tab-tension screens are flatter than regular motorized counterparts is due to the use of both horizontal and vertical tension.

Tab-tensioning uses:

1.      A heavy weight bar is used as the bottom bar. The bar is made of solid steel, to ensure that the screen is under great vertical tension and eliminates swaying from vibrations or air movement in the room.

2.      The tensioning system involves the use of tensioned tabs at each side. This system allows tension to be applied horizontally ensuring a flat surface.

3.      The tension of the screen can be adjusted using adjustment knobs located at the end of the bottom bar.

4.      Features a tab-tension system that prevents wrinkles and ensures the flattest possible viewing area. The durable casing easily installs to your wall or ceiling with the included install kit. Ships fully assembled, plug and play ready.

5.      Includes infrared (IR) remote

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